Sunday, 4 October 2009

Stone Me

Following the example set by the great Suzy Menkes, who has taken to pointing out how many search results Google lists for the designers whom she reviews, I would like to draw your attention to the number of search results for the formidable Lara Stone: 27,600,000.

That number is probably equal to the amount of double-takes she causes, every time she walks down the street, let alone the catwalk.

Lara Stone first came to my attention when I saw her model at a Christopher Kane, London Fashion Week show, last year.

Literally busting out of a chunky, animal-print knit, she was obviously "larger" than the other twiglet models, whose stick-like limbs didn't look like they could withstand a fall from a Charlotte Olympia platform shoe.

Down the catwalk she strode, trying her best to keep her signature look of menace in place. But when a tricky heel threatened to undo her million-dollar frown, she couldn't help but break out into a smile, as if to say "tant pis".

Her catwalk wobble is one of her trademarks, along with the gap between her front teeth.

I simply adore her. I love her.

And clearly so does Carine Roitfeld.

Vogue Paris's February 2009 issue features Lara Stone exclusively throughout, cover to cover.

In the edition she admits that she often thinks, "Do not fall, do not fall."

She's just like you and me.

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