Friday, 30 October 2009

Fast Forward

There is a young designer in London called Mark Fast, whose star has been rising rapidly.

This season the 28 year old Canadian focused on women’s courage in modern society as the theme for his show. Down the catwalk, he sent gorgeous women in various sizes, in an attempt to challenge the traditional notions of fit and idealized body shape.

This caused a scandal in the British press, and Karl Lagerfeld even commented that no one wants to see large women on the catwalk.

I completely disagree. Fashion is for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

It is, quite simply, for the woman who decides that she wants to spend the money to buy it. Without that woman, there isn't a designer who would still be in business.

And so I applaud Mark Fast's work as a celebration of the female body and the many worlds that surround it.

As he says himself: “You have to do what you love and keep your creativity close to your heart”.

Quite right.

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  1. Your right Mark Fast is great - and the managing director Amanda May - is the coolest girl, they are a great team

    and you my dear, have a great blog