Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chanel Online!

Chanel, one of the last fashion superpowers to launch itself in the hugely profitable business of e-commerce, has finally been persuaded to sell online.

Later this year, the brand will begin to sell directly through its website, starting with fragrances only - and most likely following with eyewear and accessories.

At last, Chanel's goodies will be available to even the most far-flung fashionista with a credit card.

High fashion is nothing if not democratic...

Armani And Prada Go Gaga

Armani and Prada, two established Milanese fashion houses more renowned for their commercial brand success than their avant-garde attitude, have teamed up with Lady Gaga to design her tour costumes.

It's an interesting collaboration for both brands, given that they both usually stick to dressing "safe" celebrities on the red carpet...but it will not doubt lend them some cool cachet, while also giving Gaga a step up in the ladder of fashion respect.

Boobs Are Back!

Where Signora Prada goes, many are sure to follow, which means, judging by Prada's Milan Fashion Week show, the cleavage is de retour.

Gone were the flat-chested models that have become the norm...

In their place? The curvy Victoria's Secret favourites: Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Bianca Balti; and of course, the girl of the moment, the fabulous 32-F Lara Stone.

The Sound of Yves Saint Laurent

You'll probably have to see it to believe it, but Yves Saint Laurent's life is to be made into the storyline of a musical, for staging next year.

What I want to know is, who will play the part of his long-time muse, the great and very wonderful Loulou de la Falaise?

Check back here to find out...!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Anna Upsets Milan

Apparently Anna Wintour only plans to attend three days of the forthcoming Milan Fashion Week.

This has sent Milan's biggest fashion powers into a fretful state: Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Fendi, and Armani now all want to change their show dates in order to coincide with Anna Wintour's travel schedule.

Proof indeed that she remains the most influential person in fashion today.

RIP Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has left us.

Repeatedly nick-named the "enfant terrible" of fashion, he was above all an absolute master in his field, a genius when it came to tailoring his creative and avant-garde imagination. Like Yves Saint Laurent, he was a first, a true originator of new ideas in an industry where there is almost nothing left to invent. 

Of all the peers who commented on McQueen's untimely death, I thought that the milliner Philip Treacy put it best: "In a world where every man and his dog is a designer, Alexander McQueen was the real deal. His talent was supersonic.” 

Lee Alexander McQueen CBE 

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In It For The Longchamp

So Kate Moss has launched a new handbag range with Longchamp, the brand she has been the face off until now.

The French accessories house was one of the first labels to feature the supermodel in an ad campaign following that scandal.

Clearly, they have good taste, because Kate Moss is a champion of achieving the perfect look, anytime, anywhere, whatever the season, whatever the trend. She has natural style, which will no doubt transcend into a hugely successful first handbag collection.

So what does the most fashionable model consider the perfect bag?

"For me, a great bag should be comfortable, and it should be light. You know, I get so much stuff, and I pack my bags to the brim, so if it's a heavy bag to start with I can never carry it. I also want it to be durable, and for it to actually work as a bag. I find that some bags just hang open all the time, and are completely non-functional."

Monday, 1 February 2010

Suzy Menkes On Fashion Blogging

This is a very insightful clip featuring the revered Suzy Menkes commenting on the undeniable importance of fashion blogging today.

It's recommended viewing:

On Fashionblogs from Mary Scherpe on Vimeo.