Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In It For The Longchamp

So Kate Moss has launched a new handbag range with Longchamp, the brand she has been the face off until now.

The French accessories house was one of the first labels to feature the supermodel in an ad campaign following that scandal.

Clearly, they have good taste, because Kate Moss is a champion of achieving the perfect look, anytime, anywhere, whatever the season, whatever the trend. She has natural style, which will no doubt transcend into a hugely successful first handbag collection.

So what does the most fashionable model consider the perfect bag?

"For me, a great bag should be comfortable, and it should be light. You know, I get so much stuff, and I pack my bags to the brim, so if it's a heavy bag to start with I can never carry it. I also want it to be durable, and for it to actually work as a bag. I find that some bags just hang open all the time, and are completely non-functional."

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