Perfect Paris Day: Marais

Breakfast at ROSE BAKERY, on rue Debelleyme

Hunting for vintage finds at VIOLETTE + LEONIE on rue de Poitou, or YUKIKO on rue Vieille du Temple. The former is best for sourcing recent designs from recognisable brands, and which are only a few seasons old. The latter is your go-to for 80s and 90s Chanel and Hermès handbags and jewellery in mint condition

BERKO is a fun lunch pitstop, offering a selection of healthy tarts and quiches, but the real draw are the multi-flavoured cupcakes that come in a "mini" that you can order twice as many!

AGORA PRESSE has the best selection of international fashion and avant-garde magazines

L'HABILLEUR on rue de Poitou has a gorgeous selection of reasonably priced cashmere shawls

BERTHILLON is a must-go for a refreshing sorbet, when faced with the heavy Parisian summertime heat

The MUSEE CARNAVALET is a trip back in time to the 18th century, and a charming way to discover the history of Paris

CAFE BACI on rue de Turenne know how to make a really good piscine rosé, that is a perfect match to their delicious escalope milanaise