Monday, 21 June 2010

Got It Nailed

How fabulous is the new Rock et Baroque varnish collection from Yves Saint Laurent? The colours are designed to be paired with clashing tips... Love it!

Back To Basics

Givenchy's Creative Director Riccardo Tisci announced today via WWD that there will be no more Haute Couture shows produced by the House.

Instead, clients and editors will be invited to view the new collection at private one-on-one appointments. What's more, the silhouettes presented have been distilled to a selection of just ten (compared to the usual 35 or 40).

By doing so, he will be cutting out the many pique-assiettes who hound fashion PRs for invitations, with the sole intention of "being seen" at such prestigious events, and who have no real interest in the beauty or construction of Haute Couture garments which have taken extremely talented seamstresses weeks if not months to make.

He's going back to basics with a whole New Look on Haute Couture.

Do You, Do You St. Tropez?

This summer Chanel will open an ephemeral boutique in St. Tropez, staying open only as long as the sun shines (until 3rd October, to be precise).

Located between the place des Lices and the terrace of the institution that is the terrace of the Sénéquier café, the boutique is situated within an XVIIIth century mansion and decorated in the Chanel colour codes of black and white, beige and red.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Blown Away

There are rumours, put forward by American Vogue's André Léon Talley, no less, that Isabella Blow's tragic but most fashionable life is soon to appear on the silver screen.

If true, one can't think of a more glamourous homage to one of fashion history's most colourful characters.

Tokidoki Karl

Karl Lagerfeld has just collaborated with Tokidoki to produce this limited edition "Mini Karl".

The doll is a Japanese-inspired take on his image, but does not include Karl's recently acquired accessory, the Legion d'Honneur, awarded to him by the French President and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

The star-shaped pendant was made by Chanel's jewellery manufacturers, as a surprise for the designer.

For once, Karl was apparently lost for words, although not President Sarkozy, who had the dernier mot: 'A world where there is an election every six months — I feel for you: Horrible, horrible, horrible.'

Gaga for MoutonCollet

For those of you who haven't yet seen Lady Gaga's latest musical installment Alejandro, let me tell you it's worth checking out, if only to get a glimpse of the fabulously customized British bobby's hat, designed by Paris jewellery duo MoutonCollet.

It is not the first time the creative pair have designed accessories for la Gaga, and this certainly won't be the only time you'll see their designs have a starring role...

Re-Channeling Coco

I can hardly wait for French actress Anna Mouglalis's adaptation of Coco Chanel's character in the forthcoming Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.

Although Kaiser Karl is apparently not pleased with the film's presentation of his predecessor at Chanel, he did allow the fashion house to contribute to the wardrobe, which goes some way to explain the stunning costumes that the trailer below allows you a sneak peak at: