Friday, 30 October 2009

So Long Margiela

Like many brands with star designers, it has just been confirmed that Martin Margiela, a fashion revolutionary, is no longer designing the clothes that have his name sewn into their collars.

Following months of rumours, Renzo Ross has confirmed that the designer is no longer directly involved in the creation of Maison Martin Margiela's collections.

Apparently Martin Margiela is contractually obligated to be listed as the brand's creative director indefinitely.

But as Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune so wisely asks: "Considering that creativity is the lifeblood of fashion and every other Paris fashion house is tapping in to new talent, why would Maison Martin Margiela not try the same? Unless they believe, as many others might, that Mr. Margiela is irreplaceable."

True creative geniuses are irreplaceable. Many can try to mimic their unique and visionary handwriting, but so few will every actually manage to step up to the sartorial challenge, let alone surpass it.

Yves Saint Laurent held on to his label until the very end; even when the ready-to-wear line was sold to Gucci Group, he continued to design his Haute Couture collections.

It would have been nice to see Martin Margiela do the same.

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