Saturday, 14 November 2009

Madonna to play Wallis Simpson?

News reaches me that Madonna is keen to produce a film on the love story of Wallis Simpson and Edward which she would naturally play the Amercian divorcée who changed the course of England's royal history.

Edward VIII's relationship with the twice-divorced American socialite created one of the biggest royal scandals of the 20th-century. After less than a year on the throne, Edward abdicated in order to be able to marry "the woman I love" not done at the time.

Whatever your opinion of Simpson, no fashionista could deny her incredible taste with regard to her vestiaire, which was the ultimate in 1930s chic.

If the project does come fruition, I shall be looking forward to the costumes, which are sure to include the most beautiful dresses to come out of cinematic fashion since Gosford Park, Marie-Antoinette and The Duchess.

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