Saturday, 31 July 2010

(Champagne) Bubble Bath

L'Hôtel Prince de Galles has reinvented the bubble bath, adding to its list of room services the possibility of ordering a Bain de Champagne.

This involves 160 litres of Champagne being "run" for you, with such a bath apparently extolling toning, draining and anti-oxidant virtues.

Apparently this is the way Kate Moss and Johnny Depp used to bathe whenever they visited Paris together.

It's certainly a sparkling way to start the day!

Bain de Champagne, 6 000 €, Hôtel Prince de Galles.

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  1. You know, that's actually a pretty good price if one figures that 160 L = 213 bottles (750 ml), and assumes a price of US$30/btl for a decent Champagne for a total of $6,400. That'd be a good $1,500 less than the 6,000 Euro, but if you add in hotel service fees, etc., $7,900 isn't completely out of the ballpark. That said, I'm betting one could do this at home for under a grand...maybe two grand if you hired a maid/butler to do the pouring.