Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Last Dance

The Gucci Group, proprietors of the Alexander McQueen brand, respectfully chose to show the designer's last collection via an intimate presentation, rather than a full-blown catwalk parade.

Without wanting to sound clichéd, and without wanting to obviously celebrate the work of a designer so recently passed away, I do believe that it is perhaps the most beautiful and - dare I use the word - poetic collection that he ever created.

Each silhouette is a look of pure imagination - no similarities or comparisons exist with any other collection by any other designer, that I have seen.

The collection is the work of a true and honest, creative genius who really was exploring and inventing, one silhouette at a time.

It is so sad that we will now never discover how much further McQueen would have taken us into the future of fashion.

This collection is so tragically the last indication of the immense talent he possessed.

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